Mount Marshall Aquatic Centre – Pool Conversion

Case StudyMount Marshall Aquatic CentreLocationBencubbin, Shire of Mount Marshall, Western AustraliaCompletion DateJanuary 2021ScopeConvert a 50m x 13m pool into a 25m x 12m and 12m x 6m toddler’s pool. Build a new plant room with Chlorinated filtration system. Low yearly costs, excellent flow rated system, designed and built by us. Department of Health approved immediately.

Marque Park – Waterpark System Upgrade

Case StudyMarque ParkLocationPort Hedland, Western AustraliaClientTown of Port HedlandCompletion DateNovember 2018ScopeDecommission Waterpark System, Overhaul / inspect / rectify PLC, Upgrade software, Overhaul / replace valves, pipe. Modify design and build for compliance and performance enhancements, resurface plant room floor,.OutcomeCompleted within expected timeframes and budget

South Hedland Aquatic Centre – Pool Upgrades

Case StudySouth Hedland Aquatic CentreLocationSouth Hedland, Western AustraliaCompletion DateJanuary 2018ScopeSupply and installation of new filtration equipment including pumps, Ultra Violet (UV) treatment, sand media, blowers, piping, Variable Speed Drives (VSD), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and upgrade to power box. Resealing balance tanks, replacing failed pipes and removing contaminated pipework.OutcomeCompleted within expected timeframes and budget.